Attic Salt

We are on a mission to lift people up by celebrating uniqueness, curiosity, individualism, community, and creativity (and also stilts- those are really good at lifting people up). We believe in the power of connection, a smile, the feeling of being seen and understood, and a good laugh (the world is a weird place, how else are we going to make it through the day?!). We are here to support you on the journey of discovery, passion, purpose, and joy (consider us the high impact sports bra of life).

Need to laugh? Check out our t-shirts. Need a little TLC? Our self-care goods are a great pick-me-up. Need to dig deep? We have a wide range of books and journals to help. Need a gift for your cat? You get the gist, we’ve got the goods. Reward yourself. We checked the obligatory list: you deserve it.

How do we bring our values to life outside of selling fun stuff? We give back to our communities. Over the years, we have donated hundreds of thousands of socks and jackets to shelters (our store employees elect local organizations to support). We use our platforms to shine a light on social causes that deserve attention, such as LGBTQIA+ rights and voting. And our parent company financially supports many causes, including The Y, the Anti-Defamation League, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Boys & Girls Clubs.

What started off as a chain of stores in the Pacific Northwest in 2003 known then as Fuego has grown to 60+ Attic Salt stores around the country (and we are now headquartered in Austin, TX!). It's been quite a journey.

Thank you for being here and laughing with us (or at us? Whatever, we’ll take it). Together, we can do big things.